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Okay, I'm veeeeeery inexperienced at audio editing and I have never used PodPress.


Last night I created a file, mixed it, and saved it. Then I uploaded it to /uploads. I saved in .mp3, used a low bitrate (too low?), and now it won't play in the built-in player, nor can I seem to download it to any of my PC's.


Would anyone care to offer advice or point me in a good direction?


If it matters, I'm using Audacity.


Also, I think when I get this working I will make a how-to as I can't seem to find one after searching, nor on the PodPress site.

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Hokay, I am making progress. I didn't know what I was doing in the settings, and had it set to "download.mp3". After more research, this is for compatibility with WinServers. Now, she plays and looks good for the most part.


Unfortunately, I now have feed issues. I think that there is just a space missing on line 7 to separate out a line, but since the feed runs through FeedBurner, I believe I am at their mercy for a fix.

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I'm revisiting this...


My feed generated by WP is invalid. I don't know SQL or PHP, so I'm asking you guys if you can offer a clue.


Right now I'm flipping through PHP files and googling away. Please offer advice if you have any.


Here's the bad feed: http://www.feedvalidator.org/check.cgi?url...s/?feed=podcast

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Guess you can't edit posts after awhile. Everything checks out now. I tried the ole plugin route, and got it running, kinda. At least it validates now, and I can go to sleep.


Figures it's a bloody plugin, same as always for the early adopters of the newest release.

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