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Phplists Pre-flight Checklist: Dnsreport.com?


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Hi. I’m going through the final stages of a very long and drawn-out process of getting PHPlists up and running and towards the end there’s mention of verifying reverse DNS, and they list a link to DNSreport.com. This is a pay service that does whatever it does to ‘check’ your DNS, offering a 3 week trial, as long as you provide a credit card that they bill after three weeks if you’re still using it, I guess.


Flat out, I’m burned out on sorting out this thing already and am critically falling behind on a number of other priorities, and I was hoping someone here could lend me some insight about whether this is something I even need to be concerned about—I’m clueless and I barely have two brain cells left to rub together.


If anyone here can kindly guide me through this I would be grateful.

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thnx for bringing that up, im about to attempt to install this thing too


Good Luck. Getting it set up is fairly tedious--at least, it was for me (fully customizing everything and making it work nicely with the third-party spam filtering I'm using) but as i'm nearing the finish line i can tell it'll be worth it.

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