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Migratr Timing Out


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I am trying to copy my Gallery2 photo gallery from TCH to Zenfolio using Alex Lucas' "Migratr" tool:

Migratr by Alex Lucas


Alex has been very kind at trying to troubleshoot why his tool (which is free) is not working with my Gallery2 configuration. Rather than attempt to paraphrase Alex's most recent results, here they are in his own words:

I've done some extensive testing with galleries of similar size to yours, and have ONLY seen this problem on your server. I tested both on dreamhost (my webhost) and on my local machine. It's pretty perplexing. The only thing that I can come up with is that your webhost has something that blocks out migratr after a certain number of requests...perhaps as a security measure to prevent DOS attacks, or something like that. You might want to contact support and ask them if there's a system setting you can flip (or they can flip for you) which would prevent the time-outs from happening. If they have any questions, you can give them my email address and I'll tell them everything I'm seeing in the client-server interactions from my end.

Any solutions/recommendations would be much appreciated.



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