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Php Surveyor

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PHP Surveyor is offered via Fantastico. Experiencing an issue that I want to see if anyone has any insight on.


In the options for a survey, you can enter your name and email address, and when someone completes the survey, PHP Surveyor can notify you that someone has done so (either by sending a simple notification or a detailed notification with survey results).


When I enter an email address on my domain as the address where it should send these notifications, the notifications are never delivered. When I enter an email address that is not on my domain (i.e. my personal email address), the notifications arrive immediately.


Is there any way for me to figure out what is going on? Has anyone had this same problem?

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I have never tried PHP Surveyor, so this is just an idea, but if you have tried sending it to yourself, perhaps spamassassin checks your emails for spam (if spamassassin is enabled) and mistreats these emails. Have you tried white listing the email address that these emails goes to?

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Thanks for the reply Thomas.


That was my first thought ... that spamassassin was catching the emails. So I tinkered with those settings and even whitelisted the address. Still no go.


But ... what I've ended up doing was opening up the code for my installation of PHP surveyor and customizing this email functionality. There's one small piece of code I changed to get it to work, and from there, everything else I did was strictly customizing all sorts of other little things.


It was a strange fix but I'm glad I found it.


Thanks again for the help!

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