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I am planning on sending a newsletter to my clients. It is document written in Word and saved in html format.

The sad thing is that I do not have the most remote idea on how to use the mailing list in cpanel. I have created a group mailing list, but I do not know what to do next.

How do I send the newsletter ? Where do I upload it ?

Can some one please explain me the steps needed to accomplish this task ?


How can I send the document so that it opens up when the recipient open its ?

Is there a tutorial that can explain me this at lenght ?


Any help is greatly appreciated





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You will need to find mailing list software that allows attachments. I am not familiar with the mailing list software in Fantastico so I'm no help there.


The other problem you are going to have is the number of recipients of your mailing list. TCH has limits in place to prevent someone from sending spam. We do not discuss the limits in the forums but you can open a help desk ticket and ask what the limits are.


I send attachments to a mailing list using my own ISP email account stating it's coming from my domain (which gets me around the limits on the server) using a program called MailBomber. You can google for it. I've also written my own applications to handle the limits using a program called febootiemail. You can google for that as well (it also allows attachments). Basically you create a batch file to send your messages.


You can also check hotscripts.com for scripts that run on the server. But keep in mind the limits on the servers.


Hope that helps.

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