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Sql Backup


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Hey guys,


Recently I have had a few issues which I didnt have before when it comes to backing up. The problem occurs when I backup my forum database. From the period between starting the backup and it finishing I am unable to access the forum itself, and occasionally I will even get a too many connections MySQL error at which point I contact the help desk to get them to reset the connections for me.


Is there any reason why EVERY time I backup my forum (which is the main aspect of my site and the .gz file is 26MB) it becomes inaccessible?? I understand that taking a backup uses up SQL queries and connections but I would not have thought it would stop my forum from working every time I do it. I am going to try install the dbsender script that I just read when searching the forums to see if this works without freezing my forum.


Any ideas of why its doing this and/or what I can do to fix it because sooner or later the help desk are going to get fed up of me.

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I am doing it via CPanel, going into Backups then downloading the MySQL backups individually.


My usual backup routine involves downloading the home directory, plus the aliases/filters and MySQL databases individually (as opposed to the full backup)


Thanks for the response, I shall contact the help desk in a few minutes.

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