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Me Again...just To Say Thanks

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Hi all TCH personel

Well I am just a newbie and had absolutely no idea what I was doing even trying to make a website let alone get it hosted somewhere.

An old man told me once 'your first instinct is the correct one'....well out of a million free or pay hosting sites I looked at TCH just popped out among them all and my instinct told me this was my hosting site.

Well now I know why.........they are so helpful I cannot say enough about them.........They give nice advice about website 'looks' and are easy to catch on messenger which makes it so easy to discuss things.

I know this sounds like TCH wrote it for themselves and used my account to place it on the forum but I really mean every word.

THANK YOU guys and Tina for all your help. I promise not to be a pain for at least a week.....hehehehehe

Cheers to you all.


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