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  1. Me again folks.....I have 'got around' my problem very simply by installing a mozilla/firefox addon. It works just well enough to make me smile Cheers
  2. Hi I am trying to make a web page with a link on it so that when the link is 'clicked' the viewer is taken to a new page which must be a INTERNET EXPLORER page. The reason is that I am embedding a excel spreadsheet and Firefox won't acknowledge it so I wanted to put a link there for firefox viewers to click so that an explorer page opens and also so does the spreadsheet. The explorer side of things works perfectly. It's just the firefox which doesn't. Can anyone please tell me the code for my link so it will open a explorer window. I am pretty dumb so please just make it as simple as possible....lol I have looked and looked and tried all sorts but so far got nowhere so hoping one of you nice people would help me out. Thanks so much Daisy
  3. Hi Thomas It sure works well and as expected. Mwaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh Daisy
  4. Hi all TCH personel Well I am just a newbie and had absolutely no idea what I was doing even trying to make a website let alone get it hosted somewhere. An old man told me once 'your first instinct is the correct one'....well out of a million free or pay hosting sites I looked at TCH just popped out among them all and my instinct told me this was my hosting site. Well now I know why.........they are so helpful I cannot say enough about them.........They give nice advice about website 'looks' and are easy to catch on messenger which makes it so easy to discuss things. I know this sounds like TCH wrote it for themselves and used my account to place it on the forum but I really mean every word. THANK YOU guys and Tina for all your help. I promise not to be a pain for at least a week.....hehehehehe Cheers to you all. Daisy
  5. Hello all you nice people. Please will you add my site to this nice family. Thanks 1. http://www.wowproducts4u.com 2. Wow Products 3. Lovely Underwear and Sleepwear for all the lovely women 4. Commercial. 5. I have placed a link at the bottom of my home page using your script. Hope it's ok. Let me know if anything wrong and I will surely fix it. Cheers Daisy
  6. Me again...sorry I meant to mention that Paypal is out because there is a banking restriction. if you can understand this then you are better than me.....as per paypal message...." Philippine account holders are permitted to SPEND money but not recieve it"......haven.t yet worked out how that could happen but maybe it does....lol Daisy
  7. Hi all I had my own shopping cart designed especially for me......and it works wonders for my market the Philippines. Reason.....No one trusts us asians with a card so we all use money transfer - whether you agree with that or not...it does work and works well here. I am looking for a payment gateway i guess you call it that will accept my credit cards.....BUT here lies the problem. Banking here is as big a problem as cards....hehehehehe. What I really need is a place where I can get my cards accepted........they can keep my money......and issue me a atm card and then I can get my 'cabbage' as and when I want. Sorry if it all sounds messy but I have asked and asked and asked all over the place. I guess there is a company out there .... it's just a matter of finding it. And don't tell me 2co please......I have just closed my account there....lol Anyway, thanks for any assistance and cheers to all. Daisy
  8. [Thanks very much guys for replying and giving me the 'big welcome'. The message seems to come up in cpanel and either while a file is uploading or immediately thereafter on its return to the main control panel. However, as a 'good woman' I will do as I am told and make a ticket and see what transpires. Thanks very much again. Daisy
  9. Hi all....It seems since the cpanel has been done I get the following error.(...but hey...I am just a girlie and it might have always been there...lol). Seriously tho, it seems to have started since the upgrade. The message is as follows: Warning..Unresponsive script. A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete. And then it has the usual 'stop script' and 'continue' buttons. Now I thought I may have uploaded a dumb file or something so got TCH to delete the website and put it back as if I had never uploaded anything. All I have uploaded is is 2 flash objects, a million jpg's and an index page at this point and it has started again. Can anyone tell me where to look to find out why this is happening and how to fix it please. Thanks so much. Daisy
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