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Spammers Using My Website Take Two


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A while back I posted that some spammers were spoofing my gentlemenoffortune.com address and was told that there was really nothing I can do about it....


The latest thing now though is that when I try to send legitimate e-mail, often responding to folks that have used the "comment" button on my site, I am getting rejection notices saying that I have been "banned" from their servers.


The messges suggests I go to their website



Which tells me, in so many words


Please understand: we're not implying that you send spam. The message that you received simply means that the administrator of your server either doesn't know, or has chosen to run an open relay or open proxy.


An open relay is a mail server that will accept and deliver mail from anywhere to anywhere. This is as opposed to properly configured mail servers, which will only accept mail from or to their own site. Many spammers send spam through these relays, which act as amplifiers and anonymizers for their messages.


What is this about? Is this something that TCH needs to do or




Thanks... in advance


Greg aka GoF

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I believe that I have a similar situation beginning.


Just this evening I had a LARGE batch of emails coming in from various spam filters and mailer-daemons with all sorts of wierd beginning email names, and all ending with my evolutioncycles.com domain name.


I am talking about over 3500 emails coming in from the spam filters and mailer-daemons!!!


Is there anything that I can do to keep from being flooded with all of these in the future? Any way to stop my domain name from being used/spoofed as appears to be happening?


Is there a way to back-track to the source from any of these?


Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

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You can't stop the spoofing,

but you can stop a lot of spam by setting the default email address to :fail: in cpanel > default address.

and just use real address and set forwards for sign ups to forward to a real address.

Then if you get spam with a forward address, delete it.


Read more in Protecting Yourself From Spam, What can you do?

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