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Can't Upload A File To A Directory........

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Hope this is the right forum............


Using CodeCharge Studio to develop a PHP based project which includes a file upload module on a HTML page. When I access the page from my website I receive an error within the page, which is normal if there is a problem, stating "Upload folder doen't exist". I have created the folder in question, did a chmod 777 on the directory. I am using /home/XXXXX/....... as the path. I got this from the file manager in Cpanel.


First question - I am on a shared server, do you have 'open base dir restriction' setup which means I can't access sub-directories from outside Cpanel or ftp?


Second question - If I don't know what I am talking about, could you please point me in the right direction with path and permisions to allow me to upload a file from a web page.


If you need additional info, please let me know.



Thanks for your help,

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Hi Chip :)


The reason is usually because you have put a / in the wrong place, and hence got the path wrong.


For example if you are in /home/x1x1x1/public_html and you want to upload to the folder folder1 with file aaa


You can either write







/folder1/aaa would be the wrong place, because of the / at the beginning - and hence you wouldn't have permissions there.


Can you paste the full error message for us ? (crossing out any personal information of course)

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Thanks Andy,


Putting too many "/" and directory names into my path. You made me think what directory my page was running in and just put in the name of the directoy I wanted to save the file to. The directory for saving the file was a sub-directory. Page was running in www/demotest, all I needed to use for a path was "pcrimage".


You guys are awesome as always, Thanks!

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