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Ssl Question

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I've got a basic question about SSL...


I know it's used it web stores and logins like that, but what else does it take to make a page secure?


For example, if I had a form at http://mysite.com, it's not secure, but if I had it at https://mysite.com, is that all that it takes to make it completely secured? Or is there more to it?


Can you just point someone to a link with https:// to make the page they're viewing and any information they submit totally secure?



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I know I just answered this question for you last week. Please don't duplicate posts.


Please refer to the SSL help page.


Unless you have your own SSL certificate you cannot point to https://yoursite.ext. If you want a secure connection using the shared SSL certificate the links would be https://your-server-name/~username/page-name


If you are running a business and taking online payments you should have your own SSL.

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No no, you misunderstood me. This is a different question not related to that one.


What I mean is, is having an SSL enough for a secure transaction using an html form? Or does one need more than just a form, such as extra software like a webstore running in order to accept a secure result from a form? (This question is assuming the website in question already has a dedicated SSL.)


Sorry for the confusion. :)

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