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The Asp Equivilent On Linux Servers

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One feature of ASP coding is the ability to hide email addresses in ASP code above the /HEAD.


Linux servers do not support this feature. My question:


On Linux servers, "How would someone create a webpage with a form that directs submissions to a send mail function without allowing spam bots to harvest the address?"

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Welcome to the forums deejay3615 :)


The best way is to pass the form information off to a script that contains the email address to send the information while processing the form.


You can check hotscripts.com for form processing scripts.

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For example, you could use PHP. All the stuff in the PHP tags isn't rendered in the HTML when the page loads. The server processes it, but the end users can't see it because it stays server side.


Be sure your forum is hacker safe; there are many form scripts that are vulnerable to header injection; if your contact form gets compromised, your account will get shut down.


Best wishes,

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