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My Mysql Server Ip/address


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I'm writing C# application to assist me with my website. I want to connect from it to mySQL DB on my hosting account to work with my data. MySQL has a free module I can use to work with mySQL databases, but to connect to it i need an IP/host adress of the server where mysql db is (along with the other data i already know). when I connect from my Perl/php scripts i specify "localhost", but this isn't local. Where can i find out this address?


Thanks in advance!

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Remember to allow remote access in cpanel ( in the mysql databases section)


im getting:

Exception: Access denied for user 'my_username'@'blah-blah.my_net_provider.net' to database 'my_database'


then I added %.my_net_provider.net to Access Hosts (thats what you ment, right?), but im still getting the same err, only now its ... @'%.my_net_provider.net' ...

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nope :)

getting the same thing. i just now also tried to connect from a perl script, but got exactly the same error.


i tripple checked the user name, pass, and DB name, besides i know they're right cause i copy'pasted it from config file of script thats uses it from the server.

IP was given to me in chat session w/ TCH, and i ran whois on my domain - matches.


the connection string im using in C# is "server=72.18.xxx.xxx;uid=mylogin_user;pwd=mypass;database=mylogin_testdb"

for perl:


# database information

my $db="mylogin_testdb";

my $host="72.18.xxx.xxx";

my $userid="mylogin_user";

my $passwd="mypass";

my $connectionInfo="dbi:mysql:$db;$host";


# make connection to database

my $dbh = DBI->connect($connectionInfo,$userid,$passwd);



i also tried different DBs, and i only have one user for all my DBs.

do i also need to specify port? what would that be?

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