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Spammers On Ipb 1.3


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Hey everyone


Recently after realising my sites prominent position in the google search results for a certain search string I have been getting tonnes of spammers signing up to my forum and posting threads about I AM A SPAMMER, sexual aids, blah blah blah!


Its getting bloody tiresome sifting through the crap and suspending all the accounts and what not.


I was wondering whether any of you knew any ways to help stop spammers.


I use IPB 1.3... I have email validation and random number image generation upon registration. Which leads me to think its not spam bots but actual people who are doing this.


Is there anyway so that the first 5 or so posts on IPB 1.3 are moderated by an admin or moderator? So this way we can minimise the amount of 1 post wonders who spam the forum?


Any help would be greatly appreciated. At this time I am unable to upgrade my IPB to either SMF or a newer IPB version.

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Unfortunately IPB 1.3 hasn't been actively developed for quite a few years, so there's not a lot of people writing hacks/mods for it anymore. Spamming wasn't nearly as big of an issue back then as it is now, either.


You might want to check out http://mods.invisionize.com/db/index.php/c/31 and see if you can find anything useful there, though.

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thanks for the response mikeM


invisionize is a good site Iv used for ages for mods etc luckily I stumbled across someone else who had the same issue on invisionize and I have now (i hope) got a way around the spamming issue



I have created a new member group called "full members" and the old [default] "member" group i have renamed to "moderated-members"


So now automatically validated members go into the moderated members user group... I have added a promotion to the full members group after 5 posts...


Then in sources/Post.php



// Does this member have mod_posts enabled?


I added:

>//Bot trap
if ( $ibforums->member['mgroup'] == 3 )
$this->obj['moderate'] = 1;
//end bot trap


Where "3" is the ID of my moderated-members group


This causes the members in my moderated-members group to have their posts validated by an admin or moderator... then once they have 5 posts they get promoted to a full member


This was with help from this post on invisionize:





Hope this helps out any other IPB spammees


thanks again mikem

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