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  1. I played SWG from the time it launched up until about 4 months ago. I finally realized that there wasn't anything left to accomplish in the game, I had done everything I wanted to do, and there wasn't any new content for high-level characters scheduled for 6-12 months out. I may go back some day, but it'll probably take a tribe of wookies to get me there. I moved over to Eve Online, unfortunately I haven't had much time to tinker with that lately either, though.
  2. I've been using Wordpress for about 3 years now. I switched from MT when they went from free to pay. Ironically, I spent the weekend re-doing my blog.. I've also made a resolution to update it at least a few times a week instead of once every-other-month
  3. Art Bah, that should have been a hyphenate.
  4. I just want to know why it was all sitting on a sheet on the side of the room. Perhaps it was for easy removal in case the piggies went after it?
  5. I'll stick with Eve Online, I got burnt out on Fantasy-type games after playing D&D for 10+ years every weekend.
  6. Chains are actually illegal here in Wisconsin. Regardless, that many cars shouldn't have gone down that hill (I'm assuming it's a hill, it's not often you see cars sliding sideways and actually speeding up on flat surfaces). After the first few, someone should have stood near where the hill started to warn people.
  7. Unfortunately the code that runs MT isn't quite as clean as the code it produces. It's bulky and slow. It's not SixApart's fault completely, as Perl by nature is a resource hog.
  8. Unfortunately such cpanel proxies are huge holes just waiting to be exploited, hence why we have a strict policy against any sort of proxy on the server, local or otherwise.
  9. It's nothing to worry about, and nothing that will affect your domain or how it operates. Have a great '07
  10. Hockey (Second. Best. Sport. Ever.)
  11. With any luck, Bill has invented a machine that will drip caffeine directly into my veins so I can skip the sometimes annoying consumption part or the process.
  12. If you have any backup files, your old .htaccess files may be in there. It might be worth a look so you don't have to re-write those pesky mod_rewrite lines.
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