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Writing To File While Running As A Cron Job?


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i've wrote a Perl script to execute as a cron job. the script suppose to write some data to a text file in the same folder the script is in.


i hard coded the path to the script's folder (/home/myaccount/public_html/cgi-bin/myscript/logfile.txt) and it works fine, but if i just use logfile.txt, this file is saved in (/home/myaccount/logfile.txt). the $ENV{} stuff doesn't work, i guess it just runs as if executed from command prompt. how can i find a path the script is located in/executing from, so i don't have to modify my script when i need to move it?


thanks in advance!

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thanks for replys.


getcwd is not a module available on the server.

actually getcwd() is a method of CWD module which is installed.

however getcwd() returned me the same thing $ENV{PWD} contains, which is "/home/myaccount". and abs_path("myscript.pl") returned "/home/myaccount/myscript.pl" - which is NOT true, the path to the script is /home/myaccount/public_html/cgi-bin/whateverfolder/myscript.pl


i guess it is better then nohting, it will help if i ever need to move to another hosting, but will not if i move or rename the script.


i do appreciate the help, if you can think of anything else that can help me in this, please post if here.


i went though all environmental variables available while running as a cron, the following are devined:


HOME - /home/accountname




PATH (not what i need)


PWD - /home/accountname


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