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Why Do I Have To Use Lowercased Paths?

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All UNIX and Linux based Web Servers are case sensitive in regard to file names. Mac OS or Windows NT based servers are not normally (since Mac OS and Windows do not use case-sensitive file systems). If you use the browse or the Point & Shoot method to make your links, then windows will create the link with the same case as your file name.


When working in Mac OS/Windows, changing the case on a file name doesn't make it a different file. The Mac OS/Windows sees "myfile.html", "MyFile.HTML", and "MyFiLe.HtMl" as the same file. But to a UNIX or Linux based server, they are three different files. This may cause confusion if you change the case in the name of some linked files. The files will also work on a Mac OS or Windows NT based server. But on a UNIX or Linux based server the links will be broken.


The best rule of thumb is to determine a naming convention for your files, including what case will be used, then stick to it. Avoid renaming files after they've been linked.


The web is more restrictive on the use of special characters in file names. The following characters CAN'T be used the in file names:


• forward slash ( / )


• more than one dot ( . ). The only period used has to be part of the extension as in index.html


• You can't use the hyphen ( - ) as the first character in a file name.

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