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WP 2.0.5 Timestamp When Posting!


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I have moved from using Movable Type to Wordpress because my sites were doing something funky to my accounts.


Now, I have downloaded Wordpress 2.05 and everytime I make post, it posts a totally wrong date and sometimes the wrong year! Then, when I go back to the post to correct the date and time, it wont post my post!!


Has anyone had the same problem with the newest Wordpress. Help!! B)

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Sorry, I never had that problem with any version of Wordpress.


You could set a new blog in a new folder and see if it happens in that new blog.


That would answer (I think) if the problems are Wordpress, server, or conversion related (since you say you had some problems already in MT).

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Yes, same here. I have upgraded 5 blogs to 2.0.5 and not having any issues on any of them.


I did however have to change a setting in the Admin panel when we went off Daylight Savings Time to have them post properly. They were posting 1 hour different than they should have been.

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Ah ha!!! I found the problem!!


I am currently building a photo blog using a plugin called Yapb.


This is what was the problem.....




Basically when I was posting, the Yapb plugin was taking date infomation out of my image! ;-)


LoL B) figured it out!

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