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While attempting to copy a file from one directory to another, using the File Manager in cPanel, the operation failed, and the file disappeared. The last home directory backup I downloaded to my computer may or may not be recent enough to contain the lost information. Is there any way to find the lost file before attempting a restore? Also, I have never performed a restore before. Will it automatically overwrite my home directory or can I redirect it elsewhere and merely pluck out the file

I'm looking for? Is it possible to unzip the .tar backup file on my computer to recover the lost file? If so, what unzip utility do I need and where can I find it? Needless to say, I'm desperate.

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Personally I use winrar (rarsoft.com).

Please note that I am running the swedish version of winrar, so the english names for the following may be different than what I translate it to.


When installed and the file is associated with winrar, do the following:


1. Double-click the file

2. Click the button "Extract to"

3. In the pathway at the top of the window, either let whats already in there stay or change it to where you want the extracted file

4. Click ok

5. File should be extracted to where you decided in step 3

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