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Changing Password Weirdness


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Here's what I did, and here's what happened.


1. Logged into cPanel from my handheld.

2. Clicked on "Change Password."

3. Changed the password.


The screen then flashes something that says "Password changed, frontpage trying to change password" or something like that and THEN I get challenged for a password.


It doesn't accept the password! AND, it asks over and over again, without giving me the option to say "I lost my password!"


The first time I did this - I really got confused and forgot what I'd put for a password, so I had to shut down the web on my handheld, and come back - at which point I attempted to log in, failed and then got the "reset password" option.


When I went through the reset password steps, I had all the same problems, until I clicked out of the browser and then came back. This time I was sure I remembered the password - and sure enough - signed in successfully.


Has anyone else seen this problem? I mean - I got past it so no biggie, but I thought I ought to report it somewhere....



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