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I've heard people say that they have had so many hits in a day that their server couldn't support it, or it crashed their website. Can this happen? How many hits would it take for that to occur?

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If they find your site and write about it they will generate many hits to your site, upwards of millions.


Unless you become extremely popular you have nothing to worry about.

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There are some popular sites such as slashdot.com and digg.com which list sites of interest and they have tens of thousands of readers so when a story "hits" the front page, a lot of servers choke because several ten-thousands come to the site pretty much at once.


That, sometimes called the "slashdot effect", would be a challenge for the TCH servers but just normal usage wouldn't phase them. As Bruce said, you'd have to become extremely popular to even have to worry about it.


I don't know much about TCH's customers, but from the forums I know there are several pretty popular sites and none, to my best recollection, have caused problems with traffic overload. If you got that popular that it would cause a problem I'm sure there would be enough benefits to it to justify a dedicated server. :)

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