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I Have Hosting & A Domain, Now What?

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So you've purchased your hosting, got it set up, and your domain name has finally fully propagated after 24-72 hours of waiting. You're sitting on the edge of your set to create the be all and end all of web pages and.. now what?


First things first, you're going to need to get that page designed. Now you can do this by hand, or by a web page creator like CuteSITE Builder, Dreamweaver or FrontPage. This step is all up to you as the person or persons in charge of your site.


Now that you've got a site, how do you get it online? There are several different ways of getting this done, but I'll discuss two with you.


Upload via an FTP Client:

You can upload your site's content with a variety of different FTP Clients out there. All you need to do is set your preferences, connect, and with some its as easy as just dragging your files from your desktop into the folder of your choosing.


Upload via Cpanel's File Manager:

You may have already noticed the link inside your Cpanel to a thing called "File Manager". What is it? Well, think of it as a web-based FTP Client. Instead of running something on your machine you can just click the link, and upload your content online. Yes, it really is that simple!


When you login to a cpanel based hosting account (or FTP Client) for the first time, you'll probably end up noticing that the public_html and www directories have the same files in them and it will probably end up confusing you as to which one to use.


The answer?


Whichever one you like. The www directory is not a directory at all, but in reality a symbolic link. It works somewhat like a scifi warp. You click on it and you're warped into the public_html directory. Depending on what you're accessing the files with, it may retain the www name as the directory you're in, or it may show the actualy directory you're in (/public_html). Using either one will work the same way and you can even use the www when using paths in scripts if you like something that's shorter.


The basics are now done, and your site is officially online! Look at that, your site to end all sites is now online and the visitors are already starting to roll on in. Good for you!

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