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Can't Figure Out How To Get Online!

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hi again..


i am soooo lost..i have bought a domain name and host package with TCH..and i have downloaded CoreFTP light and smartFTP and i dont understand either of them...how do i set up my account...i dont know where to go..is there an easier program i could download? i am so confused..

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Erin, you posted a similar question here and were answered with links to other threads that would help.


I would also recommend reading some books on getting a web site up and running. The "Dummies..." books are very good and I used them when I got started. We all have to start somewhere.


You can also find more infomation on the FTP help page including a link to a movie tutorial.


Hope that helps.


Also, please read the forum guidelines about cross posting (posting the same question in multiple forums).

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I would second the "...for Dummies" books. They are quite good and will help you retain their content. The biggest thing is when learning is to take baby steps. You have to learn how to crawl then walk before you can run marathons. As Bruce said, we've all been there before, so feel free to ask away. And when you ask questions, be as specific as you can so that people can point you in the right direction. Hang in there...you'll get it! We all did!

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