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3 Years And Better Than Ever

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Today marks three years since opening my first account (and moving my personal site) with Total Choice Hosting. tch_bdck.gif When I signed up, I thought it was a great deal.


But three years have passed since then. In that time, I have seen other hosts implode.

Total Choice is built differently and has only gotten better in those years.

While TCH has grown, it has maintained the things that have set it apart from others.


Management has made decisions that are surprising and exciting! Most hosts only replace servers when they fail, then fail then fail. TCH follows a different model, upgrading equipment often so the customers don't feel a deterioration.


In my humble opinion, TCH still ranks top markings, 10 of 10 in quality of service, timeliness of response, communication with customers (this forum rocks), and concern for excellence. The value of the hosting packages has increased in the three years making it even BETTER than it was when I signed up, with more space and more bandwidth and more features while still charging the same cost!!


Server up-time has been excellent, even through major hurricanes and other potentially disastrous events. Though I will never meet the people that keep TCH servers running so smoothly, I wish I could say a heartfelt THANK YOU to them in person. These folks have done remarkable job keeping systems hardware in working order, keeping loads down so our sites don't drag, fighting spam and other attacks. (In my minds eye, I visualize them as a knights on the parapet fighting off the invading marauders.) I tip my hat to the quality of this service.


My experience with TCH has been unique. None of the other hosts that I have dealt with come close.

THANK YOU TCH and Head Guru!


I look forward to another three years! :offtopic:

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Sami, I couldn't agree more. When I started almost four years ago with my first account I thought that I was getting a rotten deal. Then I canceled my account and went with other hosting companies. I did this twice. All but two of the companies I have hosted with still exist. TCH is one of them. This is my third time hosting with TCH and I can say that it is the best. I know I tried alot of hosts.

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While I'm not new to the hosting world, I cannot recall seeing any other hosting company that even comes close to TCH. I too am three years old with TCH and the only way I'll leave is if Bill sells off the company! Great company, great support, great mods, and great family members! What more can one ask for?

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Guest betsyrc

I agree that this is a fine hosting service (and I have recommended it to others.) However, I am totally frustrated with the new cPanel. It used to be easy to find how many visitors my small site has had. Now it is pure frustration --- so much so that I shall begin to look elsewhere. Regretfully.

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Guest betsyrc
Welcome to the forums betsyrc :)

Its not that hard to see your vistitors

just click on web stats > Awstats and there you are.



Thanks! I don't know why I was so absolutely frustrated by the new page --- once it was pointed out to me where the stats are, it was obvious! ...ain't that always the way! I have copied the instructions on seeing the stats without going to the cpanel and shall give that a try.


Again, thanks for being so helpful and not slapping at me for being stupid!



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