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Well once again my other hosting site has screwed me over.


I have a friend that is on XYZ.com hosting, well, thier forum is down, I can not acess the other site, and it is very upsetting to me, I still have 3 months left on the other server.. (june 2006) name expires end of this month(4/29) not really sure what to do. I would like to move the site over here, but with 3 months I lost 15 - 20 bucks.


I am so glad that I moved to TCH....Still having problems posting ( can not access color/smilies or hyperlinks) but that is not as big a concern to me as is the uptime of my site.


Well, I really wanted to rant..



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I know the feeling...which is why TCH is stuck with me for quite a while! :whip: If you are able to, I would suck up the $$ lost, (maybe claim it on taxes?) and move to TCH. Especially if this site is a money-maker for you!

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TCH was my first web host, and I'm not going anywhere. I'm a "comparison shopper" by nature (don't hurt me Bill) so I'm constantly looking for the "better deal." Simply put, I've yet to find a host out there that can come to the level TCH has in terms of customer service. My constant nagging tickets to the help desk are handled promptly and professionally, and my posts to the forums are as well. Not to mention, you can get ahold of just about anyone involved with TCH through IM quickly and easily. So like Steve, I'm here for quite a while :thumbup1:

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