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Session Not Properly Logged Out


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Hi everyone,


i'm kinda working a user account system using php sessions and mysql. Sofar I have been able to create the everything except for one thing. Lets say a user logs in, I then set the user_active record to 1 meaning the user is logged in. If the user logs out by clicking the logout button the record is set to 0 meaning he has logged out. This al works fine, but! when a user logs in and later on closes his browser without clicking log out the session is destroyed of course and the user is logged out but user_active record remains on 1.


Does anyone know how I can fix this problem?

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I should probably have expanded a little on that answer :(


If you don't want to keep the records, then whenever you run the script for tracking users you can simply delete records older than a given time. If you have a variable L_TIME which you always set to the latest time a user did something, then you can get the time now and check for any records with L_TIME less than time() - 300 (for 5 mins).

$query ="DELETE FROM $SQL_DB WHERE L_TIME <= time()-300";

I used this method, when I was playing with a script to stop people downloading all my site.


If you want to keep the log in the database, then you can simply search for L_TIME :angry:



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I guess I will have to go with that then. It's not really accurate since after loggin in you might be busy more then 5 minutes on one page and another user will set your status to "0" and you will not show up as being online untill you go to another page. I know, you can set it to 15 or even 30 minutes but still...


It's a temp solution anyway :lol:


Still wondering if there is a better way to do it... Maybe by giving the "idle" user somekind of notice that he is about to timeout or something but to do that in php?


Head Bash


I love this Smilie

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Here's what I did to check who's active... (I've set to time()-60 for testing purposes)


>$inactive_time = time()-60;
$inactive_query = "SELECT nick,email FROM users WHERE time >= \"$inactive_time\";";
$do_inactive_query = mysql_query($inactive_query);

echo "Users active: ";
while ($onlineusers = mysql_fetch_array($do_inactive_query)) {
   echo "> <a href=\"mailto:".$onlineusers['email']."\">".$onlineusers['nick']."</a> ";


I do however HAVE to do the following to make sure the time is updated for active users.

>$ltime = time();
$active_query = "UPDATE users SET time=\"$ltime\" WHERE nick=\"$session_username\";";
$do_active_query = mysql_query($active_query);


It's not quite like what you offered but this works just fine... I'm not that great with php and this is basicly just a learning experience for me, it's my first user login and management system I'm making. :lol:


If you see anything that could be done better here let me know...

thanks for the help! Thumbs Up

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I've been thinking of chiming in but I have a question:


What is your purpose? Do you want users to be logged out after a certain time? Or is your goal to have an active representation of who is online?


Clarifying this will help me/us give you ideas.

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Found in cpanel.


You set up a directive on the server that automatically runs scripts that you choose at time intervals that you choose.


You could set up the cron to run a time checking script every five minutes... for example.


I wouldn't set it to run more often than one minute... but you could.

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The only other way to trigger regular execution of a script is to have it called (included?) in a page of your site that gets hit often (index?)


two downsides:

1- Too many hits = drain on resources and redundant

2- Not enough hits = infrequent script execution

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I was initially trying to find a way to catch a user that closes his browser without actually logging out. The only way to do that is to have a pop-up windows that auto closes when the script is done but then again you can block popups...


I'm just lucky that I can educate my users when and if I implement this system.

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