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Problem Calling Javascript Function From Php


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I call several Javascript functions from within php scripts. These functions include datepickers and openning new browser windows. The functions work fine, but they don't always load when I click on the link. When they don't load, if I go back to the previous page then return to the page with the function in question and click on the link, it usually loads. Alternatively, if I refresh the page in question and click on the link, occasionally it will load. If I refresh and then click repeatedly, eventually the function will load.


Any help will be greatly appreciated,



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Unless you're doing something really funky with your PHP code, I would have to say that it's doubtful that PHP is the culprit. PHP is just dutifully completely tasks on the server before any content is sent to the browser. The javascript is client side, as you know, so the two stay out of each other's way.


Is there a link to the page you can provide?


And you also might try the javascript console provided with FireFox. It's helped me debug javascript many times.

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