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Hello, How is everyone. Hopefully not pulling hair like I am lol :) I am about as bald as this is is now lol.


I have been working on this for hours and just can't figure out how to get it to work with out screwing it up so it dont work lol


I am working on an authors site and she wants dropdown menu. I have it all set up and working ok but I need to make some of the links in the drop down menu open to a new window so her window will stay up when people click on that link.


I have tried adding. a target="_blank" href= to it manually but it screws up the link. I tried going to form field properties and adding it that way and it wont work.


This is what the drop down code looks like


<option value="http://lisareneejones.com/bookshelf.htm">Home</option>


I tried adding the a target="_blank" href= infront of the "http


that is where it would go correct? I also need to have contact done with mailto ones to work as well.


I don't know a whole lot of hml. I mess with scripts and form but that is about it. Oh by the way I am doing all this in front page 2002


Can you suggest something for me. YOu would make me a happy camper :oops:

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