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Google Ads Not Showing Up On My Site

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I was noticing that in my adsense stats page I wasn't getting many hits recently. So I went to my page...and the ads and firefox download button aren't showing up at all. I know this worked earlier in the week. Anyone know why I don't see them now? I checked my account with google and it doesn't appear to be suspended. Using the view source, the ads ARE still there.




page(s) in question among others:


http://www.cpadventures.com - firefox button below the privacy policy link

http://www.cpadventures.com/events.htm - google ads below the event listings


Also noticed that as of Friday; my awstats wasn't getting updated. A ticket to the help desk had them "updated from the backend". Wondering if this could be related....

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Thanks for looking into this Don and Cajunman. I'm on my work laptop right now and I see them in both IE and Firefox. I had disabled the Adblock Extension on my home PC but it still wasn't working. I have Adblock enabled on my laptop and I still see them. Funny! But, obviously my home PC has a problem. Thanks for checking it out for me!

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