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Seamonkey 1.0 Release

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I made the announcement about the beta release earlier in the month, but now I'm here to announce the arrival of SeaMonkey 1.0! While it is branded 1.0, let's all remember that it would have been 1.8; before some people gave it an early and undeserved death sentence.


Some new features include:

  • SVG vector graphics support (without plug-ins)
  • "tab re-ordering": tabs can be rearranged by drag and drop
  • "Autoscroll" support - middle clicking on empty space allows scrolling by moving the mouse
  • Can set the e-mail client to use a single "Inbox" folder
  • "Roaming Profiles": store your complete user profile in a remote server (FTP, LAN share, etc)
  • Auto save draft messages in the e-mail client
  • Caching improved. Hitting the "Back" button shows previous pages much faster
  • See and retrieve original (source) URLs from the download manager's list of previously downloaded files

Also a speed difference between SeaMonkey and the latest FF. I remember using Mozilla (now SeaMonkey) back when it was M17 (1999?). It's come a long way since then, and it's good to see the full suite is still around. For those who are curious - I'm still an Opera man, but I fire up the suite every now and then :lol2:

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So was that the SeaMonkey beta that I played with as a kid then? Do they really look like they do on the box now?

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