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Server Number Question

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Hi everyone. I have 2 sites hosted with TCH: one is on server 36 and the other on 105. I got an e-mail a week or so ago about Server 63 Migration, and it says "Your account resides on one of these servers so we wanted to inform you with as much lead time possible."


Question 1: Why did I get that if my 2 sites aren't on that server?


Question 2: If I indeed do have something on that server, is there something I need to do?


Question 3: I haven't been able to get my e-mail for most of the day from my account on 36. I found a discussion in the forums about it on January 6, but I'm afraid most of it was over my head. Is there an ongoing problem with that server or am I experiencing a fluke? It occasionally happens that my e-mail program can't connect to that server, but it usually resolves itself in an hour or so.


Thanks for any help you can provide! :thumbup1:

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