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Slashdot has an article about Google Pack, a bundle of apps Google is making available.

It is at pack.google.com and has

Google Earth, Google Desktop, Google Toolbar for IE, Picasa, Google Pack Screensaver, Firefox, Ad-Aware, Adobe Reader 7, a 6-month trial subscription to Norton Antivirus 2005, and an update facility for updating these packages and getting new ones as they are added.


It's a convenient bundle for folks just becoming aware of these apps and the updater has potential as well.

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I'm surprised they aren't including Thunderbird and something Blogger-related as well. ZD Net suggests Open Office might be included in a later release of the pack--I can't imagine why they would do that, since Pack is only available to XP users, and I find it hard to believe that the average XP user will choose Open Office over MS Office. Although it would be nice if they did...


Mostly this looks to me like a precursor to an operating system--get people used to looking to Google for essential programs, make updates easy through this new updater thing, and then if they do release their own OS they already have an established user base who will feel comfortable switching. Maybe.


I dislike Desktop and Toobar too much to think this is in any way a good thing, but for people who are already using these products the updater, at least, will be useful.

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It is definitely rumored that Google will begin selling computers with their own OS on them. You're probably right about this.


As for OO vs MS Office, just look at price! Google's computer for instance would be a lot cheaper with something like OO on it, as would any. All we have to do is bust the MS pre-loaded/bundled monopoly and it's a done deal.


I agree about desktop and toolbar. It may suit some, thus my post, but I'll probably not be using it unless they come out with a really compelling reason.

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Scared in what way?


I am very unhappy with the filesharing on desktop. I have a client at work that had a 2 gig desktop index file fill her hard drive so that's 2 strikes.


Or do you mean fearful as in "They're giving so much and are considered the de facto standard and soon they'll be a monopoly"?

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