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Dreamweaver + Dropdown Menu + Paypal Shop Cart ~~ Help?

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I've managed to get myself SOOOO confused and LOST on this.


I need to have a dropdown menu of Product A.


There are 4 different pricings. Shipping included in all.


I need each of those pricings to connect to the PayPal shopping cart.


For instance: Purple Widget A

Small = $10

Medium = $15

Large = $20

X-Large = $25


I'm very familiar with PayPal shopping carts, have used them for years. BUT, I cannot have different pricing if I use THEIR shopping cart drop down menu. So. Am assuming I must make up a cart for each of my Purple Widgets (Small - Medium - Large - XLarge) individually. Those are easy to do and then just change the parameters (name of item, stock # and price).


My problem is getting those into a dropdown menu. I can create a different Add To Cart button for each price if need be. When I tried to put it into my own little java dropdown menu program I got for free off the net, it really looked ... well ... stupid. Skewed everything.


Does anyone have any Dreamweaver info on how to do this? I'm a Beginner/Kinda Intermediate with Dreamweaver.


Any help would be DEEPLY appreciated!!




Marge in Reno

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