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  1. Hi, How do I get back to using the Legacy File manager? I used it about a month ago, and really don't like this other file manager. On the Legacy, I could hop around in my computer's files and upload a bunch of files with one click. Now I have to choose each file individually and upload that, then go back to my computer files to find others. Wondering if I clicked on something by accident? Would surprise me ... LOL. I have vision problems and often do click on something that isn't necessary. Thanks! Marge (mkdesigner)
  2. I've heard of this happening with folks who do any sort of Google transaction/signup thing. My blog on blogspot suddenly had google ads the day after I signed up for Google Shopping thru Bonanza. I've not cancelled it yet, since I made several sales directly thru that before I had to put my booth on vacation for personal reasons. I may just leave it there if sales continue once I activate the booth again later this month. LOL Marge
  3. That's neat! Thanks for sharing.
  4. Those are awesome! Wonderful artistry in those. I especially like the one with the 'hot air balloons', since we've got the Great Reno Balloon Races coming up in another week and we always go. Thank you for sharing those images! Are they available for use? I'd love to put one or two on my blog or on one of my sites.
  5. WOW, Nat! I'm so sorry that is happening to you. I'll be watching this thread to see what all the gurus have to say since I've had some files pilfered on my design site that I had to move to a login area for paid customers to access my designs.
  6. I use Dreamweaver and love it for designing sites.
  7. Woo Hoo!! Everything worked like a charm, TCH-Thomas! Got my hosting acct for this new domain, put in DNS on GoDaddy and whoosh! It's all up and running. Was able to get an initial index page up. I feel so silly that I forgot I had to get the hosting package set up first. DUH! Thank you so much, Thomas!
  8. AH, trust me to get things going backwards! I haven't purchased the hosting account for this new domain yet. Will do so now. Then will follow the instructions on that link you sent. Thanks!!
  9. Hi, I'm having problems trying to get a domain I bought a couple of weeks ago through GoDaddy transferred over to TCH so I can start working on the site. The domain is: nevadaknits.com. I saw a screen ... somewhere ... that gave step by step instructions. But I lost that page and can't find it again. So, when all else fails, hit the forums! and found this: http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=3913 Then I clicked on the godaddy link. The initial video screen came up, I waited a bit, nothing. So I clicked PLAY. The vid-screen went blank and no tutorial came up and played. I'm pretty sure I have all the latest viewers, etc. I looked on the GoDaddy site and they sure have changed things around since I last did a transfer!! Not much help on their end. Help??? Thanks!
  10. ... where would you put those $$$$ to work advertising online? Hi everyone, I'm the webmaster for a site hosted here at TCH that has brand new Villas on the Mexican coast they want to market. I'd appreciate any suggestions on what you feel are the best avenues for them to explore. Thanks in advance ... ~ Marge ~
  11. Wow!! That's wonderful. Congratulations!! You deserve it ... lovely piece of work!
  12. I own the website, craftroadshow.com (hosted here on TCH). There's nothing there at the moment and I want to find a software that will allow me to have 'members' and they would be able to have their own 'shops' on the site with pictures and descriptions. The software would also have to be integrated in with the main pages so there'd be categories that customers could come and view, showing all the 'shops' or items within that category. I may be saying this wrong and forgive me if I am. If anyone has suggestions, I'd deeply appreciate it. Thanks! Marge in Reno
  13. Well, I'm 60 and in another 4 1/2 months, will hit 61. Ah well, such is life. Lots of UPs a few DOWNs along the way. I've been fascinated seeing the age of computers develop from black & white to color when Mosaic was about, then ooooh, Netscape came along! Our first real computer had a 1200baud modem (we thought we were REALLY hot!!) and we chatted with folks on various BBS's. Then, once we were here in Reno when IRC was available to us, we went nuts -- new computer, 14.4 modem. Those were the days! Marge in Reno
  14. 'Tis a sad, sad day. I don't know what they were thinking!! I was stunned when I read "Outfitted with 5-point safety harnesses, padded seats, cup holders, foot brakes and fold-out storage containers..." but started whimpering when I got to the "There's a digital handle that tracks temperature, time, distance and speed -- just in case energetic parents want to track their split times around the playground. And there's a slot for an MP3 player, complete with speakers, for some cruising tunes." Doing that to an icon of childhood memories is ... wrong. Just wrong. The least they could have done is give it a new name.
  15. Good Morning, Happiest and Most Prosperous New Year Greetings To you, Bruce & All TCH Staff & Members!! I'm actually going to stick to my business New Year's resolutions list this time. ~ Marge ~
  16. I used the trial version of AVS Video Converter. It does embed a watermark so I would have to pay for the full program and it's quite reasonable. Am exploring various other options such as the PDF files mentioned and also PowerPoint with sound. There are some other free trial programs out there and I want to check them out before I consider which one to purchase. The AVS can be found at: http://www.avs4you.com
  17. Thanks, Bruce! Woo hoo! Got it to work. But you're right, the file on a quick 5-second clip is larger than I want. I don't want huge files so may have to re-think this whole concept of mine.
  18. Bill, When I first read your letter, I had to laugh. I could not understand how someone could ENTER a contest, WIN that contest and then have a hissy-fit when you wouldn't give him a LESSER prize!! So sorry you had to have all the headaches that I'm sure went along with this battle. As for re-doing the contest for the server ... I'm all for that! :clapping: {{HUGS}} to you, Bill, and a big bottle of aspirin.
  19. I have a Sony M1 camera and want to utilize the movie feature for short how-to's about my crafts. I need some suggestions on editors, please? Just want to be able to cut out portions, maybe do fade-in-fade-out and add titles. I don't mind paying a reasonable price, but ... which one?
  20. I can understand the white space at the right. There are a huge amount of folks who still run 800x600 and I'm presuming that is for their benefit. However, can't it be expanded for 1024 (what I run) and then also be fully seen by the 800 crowd without having to play with the slider bar?? Maybe centered like I see on a lot of commercial sites (walmart, joanns, bunches of places). I agree on the greyed out areas on the lower left. Things that don't work make it seem that it's not available and that can be a turn-off. Everything on the site should be clickable or removed. The flash can go as far as I'm concerned. When you mouse-over one of the tabs up there, the text gets lost. I liken it to the frames fad so long ago ... not necessary and depending on how it's created, it can cause delays in loading or going to the links. Marge
  21. Hi OJB, Congrats!! The folks here at TCH have been absolutely super to me! I own 3 myself and also am webmaster for 2 others. Soooo easy to do everything on TCH! Welcome to the multi-domain club ... hey, there's an idea! A club / forum for those with multiple domains??? There's a lot I have learned when handling a total of 5 sites!! It's a whole other mind-set.
  22. I shall miss him. You're right, he was and still is, IMO, an icon. Marge in Reno mkdesigner
  23. 1. http://www.mkdesigner.com 2. MKDesigner 3. Unique Machine Knit Items And Original Patterns For You And Your Home 4. * commercial site 5. Backlink in place on front page. Thank you! Marge in Reno mkdesigner
  24. We have 3 sites hosted with TCH and we're very thrilled with the customer service and the support. Recently, we deleted two of our other sites - we'll be making those sub-domains - and had 2 others moved over to TCH. FLAWLESS!! So we still have 3. I love the CPanel, it's quick and easy to navigate and the tutorials answer all the basic questions. We're still setting up the two new additions with blogs and all sorts of Fantastico stuff, but no glitches so far. Thanks, TCH!!! Marge in Reno mkdesigner
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