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Wordpress Error


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I went to a wordpress blog that I manage today, and I'm seeting the following error at the top of the page:


WordPress database error: [Got error -1 from table handler]SELECT * FROM wp_posts WHERE 1=1 AND (post_status = "publish" OR post_author = 1 AND post_status != 'draft' AND post_status != 'static') GROUP BY wp_posts.ID ORDER BY post_date DESC LIMIT 0, 15


When I log in to the wp-admin area, and go to the manage posts page, I see the same error; none of my content is shown.


I don't know what my first error recovery steps should be.


(FYI, this site is for my brother-in-law, and my mother-in-law is the person who adds all the content. I just keep the WordPress code up-to-date, and manage the server and stuff. So I don't know what happened that caused this error.)

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If you refresh the page, it switches between error 28 and error -1.


I put a question in to the wordpress support forums, and I asked the TCH help desk to look at my account to see if it is the error 28 (out of space) error.


I guess I'll let you know what either the help desk or the wordpress support forums say.

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Now it seems to be working.


Maybe the help desk ticket was the trick. However, they haven't replied to it or resolved it, so I'm not sure WHAT it was that fixed the problem.


Maybe it was the THINK method of server repair: think about it long enough, and the problem will solve itself!


Then again, maybe it was the help desk, and they just haven't had a chance to close the ticket or respond to it. In any case, what is important to me is that the site is working! :cool2:


Thanks for all your help.

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Its broken again. I wonder what is going on.


I commented on my help desk request to let them know it is broken again.


Still no reply yet on the ticket. I'll let you know if something happens here....

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I just got a reply from TCH-Abdul who said he was able to resolve the mySQL problem, so I guess the problem was server side.


Anyway, the site is back up again. Glad TCH could fix it. :cool2:


I never know exactly when to contact the help desk, because I don't know when the problem is server-side and when the problem is with the 3rd-party script, you know?

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