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Hello. I have a couple of questions about .htaccess on TCH.


Where do I find my .htaccess file within ftp if I want to edit it manually? If it is not there than where do I find it?


Right now I have an index page that's written in php. If someone types index.htm into the url locator, an error page will come up. I would like to add a line to .htacess that will show this index page written in php even if it is index.html or .htm that is typed into the url locator or clicked on.


How can I do that?

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Welcome to the forum, osoguy. :)


You will find it inside your public_html directory. It will most likely be hidden in your ftp program so you may need to instruct the ftp to show hidden files. However, as far as I know, there´s also a chance that there may not be a htaccess file in the public_html, you will then need to create it.


I dont know the answer to #2 so someone else will need to answer that.


Hope this helps.

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