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Skype Button In Profile


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Hey guys I'm having some problems getting my skype button set up in my profile. Here's my code:




However, the link comes out like this:




Now how is it that it adds an "http://" to the front every time I save my profile? How do I change the behavior? I know it's possible, because TCH-Thomas' profile is set up the same way I'm attempting to set mine up. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!

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One note on this... :)


My skype button is not an official skype thing. Its a service similar to TCH´s msn, yahoo, aim online status indicators. I found my skype indicator on the url presented in your quotes above (www.skypepresence.com). It will also require you to download and have a program run locally on your own computer to make it show you are online or not.

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No problem. :thumbup1:


Actually, I don´t know yet if I like this program. I would love it if it works like the msn, yahoo, aim indicators, that it shows online/offline automatically without the user having to run a specific program. But who knows it may come in the future.


The actual program can be downloaded at http://plugin.jyve.com/ if you wanna try it. :)

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