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Is This A Fake E-mail?

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I got the e-mail message below, and from searching the forums I suspect it is just one of those virus/spammer things since I don't have an info@burke-design.net address, but I thought I'd better check in case it's legitimately from TCH somehow. I have not changed my password recently as the message claims. Is it fake?




Dear user laura,


You have successfully updated the password of your Burke-design account.


If you did not authorize this change or if you need assistance with your account, please contact Burke-design customer service at: info@burke-design.net


Thank you for using Burke-design!

The Burke-design Support Team







+++ Attachment: No Virus (Clean)

+++ Burke-design Antivirus - www.burke-design.net

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Thank you all; I appreciate the confirmation. Boy, a person really has to be on her toes these days with all this fishy stuff flying around cyberspace! Gets pretty tiring.


But thanks again for your help! :)

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And since you state that you do not have an info@ email address defined you should check to be sure that your default addresses are set to :fail:


This will eliminate you receiving emails sent to non-defined addresses on your account.

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