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First Time Publishing Questions

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1. OT - How do I know when my domain name has finished "propagating"?

2. I read the HELP instructions in FP for publishing. Which ones do I follow - the ones for publishing in FTP or the ones for publishing using HTTP?

3. The directions say I need to know the file path and server name. I'm not sure what to look for.

4. When I click publish, I understand that I'll be able to select which pages to publish. That's good. I have more pages set up than ready to go. As I'm working on the other pages to get them ready - do I just go into FP as usual and save as usual, and then when I ready to publish more pages, click publish and go through the same process again?


FP page issue - When I first started in FP, I begain with a new page. I saved the first page and opend another new page. The 2nd new page never looks right in viewed. I've also had link troubles between the first two, but that seems to be working out now. When I made the third page (and every page after), I did it by hyperlink. All of those pages seem to be doing much better. Should I use hyperlink from page 1 and recreate page 2? Would that fix it? The text gets messed up each time. I've tried removing the text and doing it over. I've tried highlighing and changing font and size. The other pages with the same buttons and text look fine, so I don't know what's up w/this page. Any suggestions?

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It does sound like you probably need some extensive help with FP, help that might be too detailed and broad to answer via a forum. If you'll go to http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/training...1832701033.aspx you'll be able to visit all kinds of aids in learning FrontPage. Another good resource for detailed information is http://www.frontpageworld.com/


This online training, of course, would be for the current version FP2003.


I would give both of these a try. Spending some time getting to know Frontpage will certainly help you be more successful w/ your web site using Frontpage.


BTW ...

1. you'll know your domain name has propagated the Internet because when browse to it you'll actually be taken to a web site that shows whatever files and folders are on the site. This is because you won't have an index page yet.


2. Use the default FP publishing to publish to a http


3. The path is your domain name, such as http://www.******


4. You can right-click a page and then select "do not publish". When you are ready to pubish it, right-click it again and select to publish it. You can also right-click a page and select to publish that one page at that time if you desire.


5. Hard to tell as it's now real clear what you've done. Suggest you check out some Frontpage training on how to create pages, and that will show you the appropriate steps, and then you can start over in that direction.

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What Jim said. :clapping: Seriously, take the time to read some of the documentation...it will save you MANY headaches in the long run. (Experience speaking here!) Then, start out simply. Try to publish a page that has just a couple of lines of text in it, just to get the feel of things. Once you can get that, then slowly add more text and maybe a graphic or two. Eventually, you'll be like the rest of us!


Just remember...take it slow. Like someone once told me: "You need to learn to crawl before you can run marathons."

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