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I really am not sending myself email containing virus. I received the first last night. So far today I have received seven with various subjects relating to my account nanascountry.com


When I go to the message source I am able to determine that they are comming from dpc67142168117.direcpc.com. What, if anything, can I do about this? Or do I just ride out the annoyance of having my virus detector bring everything to a halt to warn me? :)


Mary aka/justnana

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Welcome the the forum, Mary :P



I just received a few e-mails apparently from myself



*DETECTED* Online User Violation

Your password has been successfully updated

and a few others to admin and mail at my site

asking me to to open the attached document


Content-Disposition: attachment;



Yeh right :wallbash:


I did not even download them just copied the headers and deleted them on the server.

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Source: password.htm .pif

Description: The email attachment password.htm .pif within password.zip is infected with the W32.Mytob.EG@mm virus


Anti-virus program working just fine :wallbash:

And this while previewing in pop tray.

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Welcome to the forums! I just got my first "You got a virus on your machine" message from AVG Antivirus today. I was mad at first but then I realized I should be glad that it was caught and not hidden. :blink:

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