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Wordpress Installation Questions

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The instructions say upload to my site... does that mean it goes in the public folder or should I create a new folder "wordpress" and put it all in there?


Any other helpful hints for getting WP to work?



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If your question is "should I upload the files to the public_html folder, or a folder called "wordpress" at the same level as public_html" then the answer is this:


Any files **NOT** in public_html folder won't be viewable by internet visitors. So you definately need to upload the files to public_html OR to a subfolder of public_html.


If you want your wordpress application to be at your home page (ie: www.yoursite.tld) then you can just upload them to the public_html folder.


If you want your wordpress application to be in a subfolder on your site (ie: www.yoursite.tld/foldername) then you need to create the folder "foldername" as a subfolder of public_html, and then upload your files to that folder.


If you want your wordpress application to be in a subdomain on your site (ie: subdomain.yoursite.tld), then you need to create a subdomain using cPanel. A corresponding subfolder will automatically be created in your public_html folder, and you need to upload your files to the subfolder created by cPanel when the subdomain was created.


Hope that helps. If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to ask.


And BTW, welcome to the TCH family forums!! :)

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