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Just Saying Thank You

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Hello everybody


I just wanted to say thank you to the entire staff at TCH for the excellent job they do in maintaining the servers and making sure they run properly.


The reason I say this is because I just spent the last 24 hours well 19hours. I slept 5 hours trying to configure a website in windows 2003 server it drove me up the wall :dance: trying to understand what DNS, Zones, active directory, Internet information services, well lets says there is 30 different things and only about 4 or maybe 5 I know what they are, but as to how to configure them properly who knows because I don’t anyways thank you. Total Choice Hosting for the dedication you put into maintaining your servers :)



If you are wondering if I even got a web site to work the answer is yes it is mysite.lan it says page can not be displayed in IE for me that’s good enough for now. :dance:


Question: 1 I want PHP and My SQL databases I know I have to download and install but will they fully work in win2003 server or just partially.


Question: 2 which is better for a total novice to do a site in win2003 sever or Linux. no experience in either.


Note planning to add RSS Feeds and XML to the mix :blink:

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