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Weird Email Error

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Hello all.


One of my clients tried to send an email to someone, using SMTP on a TCH server, and it bounced with

550 you are not allowed to send mail to [user@domain]

I sent a message to the same recipient (SMTP on the same TCH server) with no problems, so I'm guessing it's not a server issue.


Is this error familiar to anybody? Any insight would be much appreciated.



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The error message could mean this:

550 Requested action not taken, mailbox unavailable

Indicates that your recipient's email address was not recognized by your ISP mail server or (mailbox not found or cannot access it).


550 Relaying prohibited or Not local host… not a gateway

or Unable to relay for…    or user’s mailbox unavailable

Sending an email to recipients outside of your domain are not allowed or your mail server does not know that you have access to use it for relaying messages and authentication is required. Or to prevent the sending of SPAM some mail servers will not allow (relay) send mail to any e-mail using another company’s network and computer resources.


550 This address is not allowed or Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable

Seems like the setting of the “From Address” are incorrect and/or an attempted was made to deliver but there was a non fatal error and it will be retried and/or some change to the message destination must be made for successful delivery.

For more error codes visit this site

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