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Snipe Gallery 3.1.3 Released

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Just wanted to let you know, we have released a new version. The features:


* Easy Installation (approximately 10 minutes to install and set up)

* Dynamic thumbnailing

* Ability for admin to supress images that should not appear in user view

* Supports PNG, JPG, and GIF images (depending on your version of the GDlib)

* Error checking to prevent admin from being able to delete categories with images or subcategories within them

* Uploadable image frames and included drop-shadows

* Bulk import using .zip upload or local (FTP) file import

* Configurable maximum upload width for uploading large files

* Formatting using CSS file

* Silent or public keyword assignment in admin

* Image search - by title, description, photographer, location, and keyword

* Automatically resize uploaded images to a max width

* PHP headers and footers, for total site branding

* Image text watermarking (nice for adding copyright text)

* Cross-browser cropping tool, allowing you to crop and thumbnail images on the fly

* Ability to import IPTC image meta data

* RSS Newsfeed tie-in allowing RSS for all galleries or specific galleries


This is our best release ever, and we're pretty excited about it! Its still free (of course), and if you're interested in downloading it and giving it a shot, visit http://www.snipegallery.com/


We have also added a section that describes what each of the variables in config.php do:




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