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Password Protecting Mt Entries


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I hope this is the right forum to raise this question and someone can help :unsure: . I am trying to setup password protection for entries in my MT weblog following thisroute:

But I am stuck at the first step: when I log into the phpmyadmin select the databse and click sql tab and run the query Alter table mt_entry add column entry_password text

I am getting the following error message: #1060 - Duplicate column name 'entry_password'


what does it mean ? what am I doing wrong ?

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What the error message is telling you is that the 'entry_password' column is already in the database.


Thanks Bruce. I did suspect that that was what it meant. but do you think this is something that TCH databases provide or is it something I may have created inadvertently when i tried to do this same thing earlier? This must be sounding really dumb, but i simply have no clue how mysql databases work.

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