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  1. Thanks Bruce. I did suspect that that was what it meant. but do you think this is something that TCH databases provide or is it something I may have created inadvertently when i tried to do this same thing earlier? This must be sounding really dumb, but i simply have no clue how mysql databases work.
  2. Hi, I hope this is the right forum to raise this question and someone can help . I am trying to setup password protection for entries in my MT weblog following thisroute: But I am stuck at the first step: when I log into the phpmyadmin select the databse and click sql tab and run the query Alter table mt_entry add column entry_password text I am getting the following error message: #1060 - Duplicate column name 'entry_password' what does it mean ? what am I doing wrong ?
  3. wow, you guys are so helpful. i will never regret coming here.
  4. Lisa, it was indeed a problem with the browser. I checked on another computer and it looks fine now. Thanks for the prompt responses.
  5. Thanks for the clarification lisa, there is really no paticular reason to do that. I was just curious. hm. Is there some simple way of capturing a screenshot ? I dont know how to do it. When I click the rebuild, there is the usual popup which asks me to choose which or all pages to rebuild. At the ttop of this scrreen there is a movabletype publishing platform logo. Half hidden by this logo is the text "... to perform. to perform. (Click the Cancel button if you do not want to rebuild any files.)" This maybe how it is supposed to look. It may even be my browser.
  6. ok sorrry about the previous post. it was too long. anyways i sorted out part of the problem so i am editing it. here are the the questions: 1)do the local site path and the url have to point to the same location? for instance when the local path is local site path: /home/whatever/public_html/radio why does the url have to be http://WWW.mysite.com/radio and not just http://www.mysite.com ? 2) what could be causing broken text something like :... to perform. (Click the Cancel button if you do not want to rebuild any files.) to appear on the rebuild panel ?
  7. Bruce, OK it is running now. but i have no idea how. you are right about the mismatch in the database name. i had created the radioho_mtdatabase earlier configured it and then deleted it and created radioho_blog and changed the cfg. yet when i ran the load the error message said mtdatabase the first time even though the actual data base name and the cfg file were saying radioho_blog. odd. do cpanels have a freaky memory?
  8. tweezerman, thanks. i got the mt-check running. but it is stuck again in the mt-load cgi where it says Bad ObjectDriver config: Connection error: Access denied for user: 'radioho_mtdatabase@localhost' (Using password: YES) hm. what have i messed up here ? i uncommented the following. should i let the commenting remain in ? ObjectDriver DBI::mysql Database radioho_blog DBUser radioho_blog DBHost localhost
  9. it says page not found. yes the permissions are set correctly. could it possibly have something to do with data source ? i just let it be ./db in the config. i uploaded all the mt files and directories into the scgi folder. should i move them into the cgi folder ?
  10. i have installed MT a couple of times earlier and thought it would be easier this time. i dont know what i am doing wrong but whatever i do i am not even able to get to the scgi-bin to run mt-check. whenever i click on that folder it says You cannot view the contents of this directory. If you are installing Movable Type for the first time, look at the Installation Instructions. can someone tell me what i could possibly be doing wrong ?
  11. Thanks everyone. I will be getting in touch with you soon.
  12. folks, my first invoice for the TCH account has arrived but my site is not up yet. well, actually it is nobody's fault. part of it is that i just have been traveling a lot and suffering from serious jetlags and slow connections. but also that i am very wooly headed at this point.... building my familiarity with the web from ground up. OK. I have some sort of an idea for how to organize my site. And I have a whole bunch of questions. There are just toomany and too small and some have to do with my peculiar needs. I dont want to dump all the stuff on this forum. but would really appreciate it if someone with moderate experience in designing sites, organizing content with and without MT can take a look at what I am trying to do and answer a few questions. I guess, i am just looking for some friendly approval just so i know that i am not landing myself into some terrible mess that will take me months to sort out. if someone can volunteer may be 10 minutes, I can email my notes. ?? DD
  13. I am glad I decided to come to TCH. These support forums are really great. Thank you folks. I will get back to you as I grope my way through the actual work on the site.
  14. I am trying to design a website with three groups of weblogs. I can do this either by having two of them as subdomains or at least as separate directories. I have already installed MT on the main site. and can set up the weblog there. But I want to know if I will need to instal MT for each of the subdomains or subdirectories. Can someone help me ?
  15. Folks, I have been struggling with installing MT on my site since morning. TCH's tutorial on MT on TCH was a shade better than MT's own documentation. But it was Big Gorilla's tutorial here that really helped. but even then i got stuck and went in search of the guy himself and he helped me sort it out. I wonder if TCH can replace its tutorial with Big Gorilla's. He says he is polishing it further. Also learnt something today. Some trash cans can be dumber than others. The trashcan in the File manager of the CTH control panel will not accept a file/folder if it already has a file/folder in it with the same name!
  16. Does anyone use Moabletype on TCH here ? i am wondering if I should use the full version with all the libraries or the lite version with just the additional template html download. what is the difference anyway? the TCh tutorial does not seem to say one way or the other.
  17. hey rick, thanks for the prompt response. i am on server 56
  18. oh, i begin to suspect that there is a problem with the file that i uploaded. alright when i downloaded it was saved as a MT-2.661-full-lib.zip it is obviously not saved in the .tar.zg format now does that mean i need to unzip it before uploading ? or do i just change the filename extension ?
  19. People, I will probably keep coming back a lot of questions at every step. But to star with: I seem to have successfully uploaded the MT full version to my public-html folder. But the install instructions (on TCH) say that i should go the cpanel, select the file and clik on extract and rename the directory as mt on my site. when i clik on extract it says: Zip archive data, at least v1.0 to extract and does not show me any directories. what is that supposed to mean?
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