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Thanks to the wonderful tutorial on TCH, I managed to get Gallery loaded. Now my problem comes to loging in. I use admin as user and put in my password and when I hit submit all it does is refresh the screen. When I put in the wrong information it tells me, so I think it knows my info is right, but it doesn't log me in. I went to the Gallery help site and it had two points that I didn't know how to check.


*Locate the temporary directory specified in php.ini, or as specified in the paragraph above, and remove the sess_* files. If Apache/PHP leave stale session files in the temporary directory, errors can occur when trying to create the session, and not logging in is the symptom.


*Make sure that the session.use_cookies setting is on in php.ini. It defaults to on, but your host may have turned it off. You can verify the setting by putting Gallery into configuration mode and visiting the setup/phpinfo.php page in your browser. Search for that directive.


Can someone help me and let me login?!?



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This happens to me on occasion. Whenever it does happen, it actually had logged me in. All I do is refresh the main gallery page and then it shows me as a logged-in user.


I haven't figured out exactly why this happens, but it's a minor issue for me and not worth the effort to troubleshoot.


Oh, I just found this on the Gallery FAQ:

Ensure that you are logging in using the same URL that you specified during Gallery's configuration. If your host responds to "www.myhost.com" and "myhost.com", you need to use the one that is specified in your configuration. If you use the one that's not specified, you may be unable to login.

I verified that my information is correct, but maybe this is the cause of your problem.

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