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.htaccess And Mod_rewrite

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Hi, I have a question re .htaccess and mod_rewrite Apache directives:


It is my understanding that .htaccess files, and complex 'mod_rewrite' directives embedded in .htaccess files can put a lot of performance strain on a server and that it is much better to put all of these commands in the Apache httpd.conf file.


I plan on implementing this:




...so that all my phpnuke dynamic pages have static page URLs so I am compatible with search engines.


So what is possible with virtual hosting? Would this be something that I could submit via a support ticket once I have tested the directives with .htaccess files, or is there a way for me to manipulate an Apache configuration file for just my domain on a virtual host server?


I'm just wondering if it might be worth it because if a few clients are doing lots of .htaccess directives, maybe the whole server gets bogged down and it could run much more efficiently if these commands were in the Apache server config file?


All a question mark in my mind at this point because I don't know how much of a performance hit these directives really cause...but I'd like to get a good idea about this topic as I begin to implement this.





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