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How Much Junk Can Get Installed On A User's Pc...

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Saw this one in a thread in MozillaZine's forums:


"How much junk can get installed on a user's PC by merely visiting a single site [using Microsoft's Internet Explorer]?"(with a scary video of the spyware horrors!)


You have to see it for yourself. I was shocked!! :dance:


All I can say is: I'm glad I stopped using Internet Explorer a long long time ago and later gave up on Windows, too! :dance:

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GEEZ, just watching that video made my computer feel "dirty", so I ran ad-aware, even though I just ran it Monday, and I don't use IE. (it didn't find anything :dance:).


I don't get how people still use IE on a regular basis (I do occasionally use it to check out websites I'm working on, and for sites that aren't working correctly in Firefox).


I have installed Firefox on several friends and family members computers and shown them how to use it, and explained that it is much safer to use, but they STILL insist on using IE.


Maybe I will copy this video to CDs and put that in everyone's stocking for Christmas.

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