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Spoofed Email Addy

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I have received several emails from people I don't know saying I emailed viruses to them. Some of them said I had sent several and one person was emailing me through domainsbyproxy. Since I am getting these about three different email accounts on three different sites, I think I may know who has the virus that is sending these out.


My question is, if someone complains to Totalchoice Hosting will they close down my email accounts, or can they tell I haven't been sending out lots and lots of email?



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I keep getting a automatic notification that my system has been sending a worm to a mailing list. The notification even is so kind as to sent the headers including the time stamp.


I'm waiting for a real live person to email me about it, so I can point out that during the time in question, it can't possibly be my system, because during that time, my system is shut down for the night!


Yes, joe-jobs (spoofed return addresses) are quite irritating.

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